We take a damage deposit from our tenants and hold it for minor damages (ex, scratch on table) and charge them immediately for repairs.
Being in business since 2007, we are proud to say that we have NEVER had any major damage caused to one of our condos. Our policy regarding damage is as follows: any damage caused by a tenant will be paid for by the tenant and/or our company, and it is our responsibility to repair it.
Although we have never had to use it, we carry a $5,000,000 insurance policy. We always recommended that our owners carry basic insurance policy for the contents of their condo.
We cover all repairs except normal "wear and tear". For example, the plumbing leaks, or dryer stops working, that is not something we cover. We do however take over the responsibility of making those repairs for you, so you don't have to worry about co-ordinating it.
If someone calls us directly and asks for a specific condo, we will do our best to accommodate them. If someone does not request a specific suite, we will put them in one of of unoccupied suites. We try to even out the usage of all the suites so that every one owner (like yourself) gets a fair and equal return.
Our standard agreement is a 6 month contract, with 30 days cancellation notice thereafter.
You are welcome to stay in our condo if it is unoccupied. We will need reasonable notice before you plan to use your condo so that we can reserve it for you. There is no cost for you to stay in the condo.
Since we specialize in short term rentals, we can help you generate above market income, while being completely hands off. With a decade of experience, you can rest assured knowing that your condo is in professional hands that will treat it as if it were their own property. Most importantly, rather then letting anyone access your condo, we have a physical front desk in Calgary that all the guests MUST check into. This is one of our ways to vet each and every one of our guests to make sure that our guests are who they say you are, and will respect your condo as if it was their own.
We have an startup package that includes a professional design inspection, an initial maintenance inspection (including detailed pictures documenting everything in your suite), an initial housekeeping clean of your suite, high quality locks, and getting your condo listed onto our inventory. Please contact our team for more information.
Unlike most property management companies, we do not charge you a flat monthly fee. Instead, we take a commission on the overall income that we generate for you. We do not profit, unless you do!
We generally offer our travelers the standard cable and internet package. The major service providers often have a deal for new clients.
We take a damage deposit from all of our travelers to cover the cost of any lost keys.
We have a designer that will take a look at your condo and make sure it is up to our standard of quality. We require all the kitchen necessities as well as couch, TV, bed(s), bedside tables, lamps, kitchen stools or table and chairs. At the time of the initial inspection, we will provide you with an estimated cost of any additions or changes.

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